Russian spacecraft “Luna-Glob” are waiting for the test

Test stand

The last, still Soviet lunar expedition took place in the distant 1976. Then its participant – the spacecraft “Luna-24” flew to the “guests” to our nearest neighbor and returned back, bringing with it 170 grams of lunar soil.

And now, 40 years later, the NGO them. Lavochkin is ready to begin testing the “Moon-Globe” – a space probe, which has another more familiar name – “Luna-25”, which indicates the continuity of the new Russian project.

The main purpose of the current tests is to check the static parameters, reliability of the electrical and antenna systems of the lunar station. Thermal tests are planned for 2017.

In accordance with the intended program, the Luna-Glob apparatus should make a landing in the Boguslavsky crater, which is in the region of the lunar South Pole. The start should take place in November-December 2018. According to the chief designer of the “Lunar Program” NGO them. Lavochkin Vladimir Dolgopolov, it is at this time that the Earth and the Moon will be at a minimum distance from each other. In the language of specialists this time is called a “launch window”.

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