Russian scientists are going to destroy the asteroid Apophis ballistic missile

Asteroid Apophis

According to calculations in 2036, the asteroid “Apophis” will approach the Earth with a diameter of about 50 meters. He does not represent any danger, but the employees of the famous design bureau named after. Makeyev came up with the idea of ​​trying to destroy it with the help of a specially upgraded ballistic missile, thereby initiating the creation of a new type of weapon – antimeteorite.

According to KB Sabit Satigaraev, modernized intercontinental ballistic missiles would be suitable for this purpose. As you know, the KB. Makeyeva specializes in developing solid-fuel ICBMs for nuclear submarines with a short lead-time.

ICBM LinerOne of the possible candidates for the ICBM Liner

To successfully hit uninjured dangerous space aliens, the rocket will need to add an accelerating block and refine the guidance system. The famous KB has all the necessary technologies. All that is needed is adequate financing and the decision of the country’s leadership.

The initiative of the Ural scientists undoubtedly “spurred” the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which made so much noise three years ago. Alas, but the cosmos is not only a beautiful starry sky full of secrets. Any moment therefrom, we may face a mortal danger.

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