Goldfinger – “smart” gloves that generate energy from finger movements

Goldfinger Smart Gloves

“Smart gloves” – a promising interface like “man-machine”, which in the near future can replace the joystick and computer mouse. A group of scientists from the Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), led by Giorgio De Pasquale, are sure that they took another step in this direction by creating smart gloves with autonomous feeding Golgfinger.

Outwardly they are somewhat similar to their ski “relatives”. However, in fact, electronic and mechanical components are integrated in their fabric. Here everything is provided, so that it is more comfortable to provide data entry in comparison with similar devices.

Goldfinger Smart Gloves

Goldfinger works with the computer in wireless mode. Autonomous power is provided by the movements of the fingers, which activate flexible piezoelectric transducers. In addition, sensors, switches and wires are integrated in the glove.

Dressed in Goldfinger’s hand, simple gestures can be used to control various mechanisms and systems. All movements are detected and identified, thanks to a special software

The team of researchers sees a number of possible applications of Goldfinger in areas of robotic surgery, production management, personnel training simulation and virtual reality.

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