In France, build 1000 km of roads covered with solar panels

Road with solar coating

As French Minister of Energy Ségolène Royal said, the government decided to install a 1,000 km section of the road covered with Wattway solar panels in the next five years.

According to the calculations of the Environment Agency of France, only 4 meters of such a road is able to provide electricity supply for a single household, and 1 kilometer of a “solar” coverage is already 5000 people. If the program succeeds, up to 5 million people or 8% of France’s population will have access to renewable energy.

Wattway coating technology is developed by Colas. Panels “absorb” solar energy, thanks to a thin film of polycrystalline silicon, which is simultaneously strong enough to withstand the weight of even trucks. The testing is scheduled for the spring of this year.

Naturally, many questions arise regarding the price of the new coating, its “behavior” in inclement weather and the service life before replacement.

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