Company TreeMetrics engaged in laser scanning of forests

Monitoring of forests

Trees are a colossal natural resource, with which mankind is very rarely mismanaged. According to statistics, every fifth wood felled for industrial purposes and does not find use, becoming something of a scrap metal.

Founded in Ireland, TreeMetrics has set itself the goal of changing this situation. In cooperation with the European Space Agency, it organized space photomonitoring, as well as ground-based laser 3D scanning of forest tracts using laser radar or lidar.

LIDAR camera

Lidar is a camera on a tripod, installed in the forest. It performs a circular scan at specific intervals, fixing parameters such as the straightness of the trunk and the state of health of the trees.

Data from the lidar and other sources come to the server that processes and gives the owner of the forest lands detailed information about which trees are suitable for processing and which are not valuable.

According to the CEO of Enda Keen, the main goal of TreeMetrics is to ensure that loggers receive more wood from fewer trees.

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