PowerEgg – the first drone, “hatched” from the egg


With all the apparent diversity of quadrocopters, they are built according to the same scheme and are therefore very similar in appearance: the control unit in the center and the bearing racks with the engines spaced apart on the sides. PowerEgg (Powerful Egg) is the brainchild of the famous manufacturer of robotics PowerVision and the first attempt to break out of this seemingly vicious circle.

Quadrocopter looks like an ideal egg. The development of the product took almost a year and a half. Its creators have no doubt got into the “top ten”, making racks with engines that gently clean inside the egg-shaped case, which makes it compact and convenient for transportation even in a backpack.


PowerEgg is easy to manage. It is equipped with a panoramic camera with HD-resolution, which can broadcast a picture in real time, which makes it possible to use a drones, for example, in the interests of navigation. Introducing PowerEgg, PowerVision CEO Wally Jen noted with satisfaction:

“We believe that the oval shape is very successful, because it has a number of structural and functional advantages. This seemingly simple design turns an ordinary flying drones into a work of art. “

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