New QLED-TVs from Samsung merge with their surroundings like chameleons


Presentation of the new flagship line of QLED-TVs from Samsung took place in New York. Novelties pleased and pleasantly surprised by the presence of all kinds of “bells and whistles”, including interaction with smartphones, the system of “invisible connection” and a number of functions that change the usual perception of a home TV.

In particular, Ambient mode provides users with access to the latest news, weather reports or to show the situation on the roads when the TV is turned off. Simultaneously, he can simulate a wall pattern behind the TV, literally merging with it.


A new invisible connection system, representing a single cable with power and data transmission functions of 5 and 15 meters in length, deserves attention. Cables allow you to install the TV anywhere, without creating confusion with the wires. You can now customize from your smartphone using a special application.

The TV has a special intelligent mode, which defines the picture and represents it in the best possible way. When you connect the game console immediately activated the game mode.

In QLED-TVs, the virtual assistant Bixby is involved. With its help, for example, the translation of the film from the smartphone can be transferred to the TV, and also to control the device with the help of voice commands.


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