Robotic arm will turn the drummer into a three-handed cyborg


Professor Weinberg, a specialist in music, technology, computer science and physics, along with his students from the Georgia Institute of Technology developed a manipulator arm, giving the opportunity to play the drummer, literally three hands.

And it all started with the fact that one of Weinberg’s students, Jason Barnes, once lost his right arm beneath his elbow as a result of electric trauma. He developed his own prosthesis gave him the opportunity to enter the Technological Institute, where his fate brought with Professor Weinberg. He decided to help Jason and developed a hand-manipulator specially designed for him, reacting to the efforts of muscles.


At the next stage of the project it was possible to subordinate the movement of the hand to the commands of the brain. Currently, the team is working to “teach” the hand to catch the brain impulses of the drummer at the moment when he thinks about changing the rhythm and playing his partners.


However, only by music Professor Weinberg does not intend to limit the possibilities of his invention:

“Imagine if a surgeon could use a third hand during an operation to feed a tool or supplies. A third hand would not be superfluous, for example, when repairing machinery or during a scientific experiment. “

What do you think?

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