Created an optical lens 10 times thinner than a human hair

Ultra-thin lens

A flat super-thin lens created by scientists from the University of Utah can in the near future send to the “retirement” traditional bulky glasses and massive digital cameras. Its thickness is 10 times smaller than the cross section of a human hair. Thanks to the new development, in the next five years glass can appear as thick as a paper sheet and a whole family of miniature digital gadgets.

Despite its hyperfine structure, the lenses are able to perfectly focus light at one point, which is a fundamental property of image formation. The nature of the research was told by the project manager Professor Rajesh Menon:

“It is not necessary that the lens has some curvature. The lenses developed by us are absolutely flat, which opens up new possibilities for the design of visualization systems, which are, for example, in mobile phones.The results we obtained disprove the widespread misconception that flat diffraction lenses can not be adapted for all colors at the same time. “

In contrast to the process of refraction of light through a system of conventional curved lenses, Professor Menon created an ultrathin flat lens in which diffraction of light occurs in the interaction of microstructures in the lens.

The device was called a “superchromatic lens,” and can be successfully used, for example, in lightweight cameras of drones and satellites, where every extra gram counts.

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